Wills and Trusts

Disputes involving wills, trusts, probate, and other inheritance issues can be highly emotional and complex resulting in significant financial impacts on families and loved ones.  Sometimes elder abuse (financial, emotional, or even physical), undue influence, negligence, and breaches of fiduciary obligations by trustees play a role in the conflict and are infamous for tearing families apart.

Litigating a will or trust dispute often results in deepened resentment within families as well as lengthy court battles that effectively drain the assets of the estate.  In addition, it requires a family’s laundry to be aired in public view.  Skilled mediation of these disputes can gently and confidentially move emotionally charged parties toward a long-lasting, mutually agreeable settlement.  An adept mediator will acknowledge the emotional aspects, family dynamics, and history as well as financial drivers that led to the dispute in finding creative ways to assist the parties in reaching a private agreement.  Pax also offers arbitration as an option that provides finality and that preserves, rather than depletes, family assets that may have taken a lifetime of hard work to accumulate.