Personal Injury and Insurance Claims

Litigating a case in court involves not only reliving the accident first through depositions and then potentially at trial, but a great deal of time and money to get there.  Especially concerning is the risk that comes with leaving the outcome in the hands of people who don’t even know you.

All types of insurance claims from car accidents, slip and falls and premises liability, defamation, product liability, and dog bite claims all the way to multi-million dollar wrongful death cases can be sensitively resolved through mediation, arbitration, or a hybrid process without expending the life force required to litigate these claims.  In fact, Pax offers flexible rate mediations as an option to best meet the needs of the parties in an economical way for appropriate two-party personal injury & UM/UIM disputes. In all cases, Pax tailors the process to best meet the needs of everyone involved.

We recognize that plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death cases have already been through a great deal before a claim has even been filed.  Sometimes trying to put a monetary value on what a person has undergone, and the losses sustained, seems impossible.  Our highly experienced dispute resolution professionals work with injured parties and grieving family members as well as insurance adjusters and their attorneys to find a resolution that provides everyone with a settlement that might allow them to begin looking forward instead of back.

2-party Personal Injury & UM/UIM Alternative Fee Mediation

Claimed value of $75,000 or less:

  • 3 hour online mediation conference / $475 per party
  • (fee includes 1 hour prep/follow-up time)

Claimed value of $200,000 or less:

  • 4 hour mediation conference / $685 per party
  • (fee includes 2 hours prep/follow-up time)

Additional professional time billed at standard hourly rate.