Our Purpose – To Perfect Your Path to Peace

Having seen the toll conflict takes on parties and knowing that when disputes are resolved in court, “even when you win, you lose”, we are committed to helping people in conflict resolve disputes in a better way.  To that end, we created a uniquely personalized dispute resolution process to best cater to everyone’s needs in a convenient, efficient, secure, expeditious, and cost-effective way that results in finality, allowing all parties to move forward on their own path to peace.  We are honored to help guide the way.


We are glad you are here.  We understand that disputes of any kind can be stressful and unpleasant.  The longer they go on, the more they drain your time, money, attention, and sense of well-being.  Through experience, we know that resolving your dispute quickly and utilizing the process that is best for your particular situation results in a better outcome, allowing everyone involved to maintain respectful relationships going forward.  During a time when you might feel that you have lost control of the situation, we offer the flexibility of several convenient methods of dispute resolution and give you the autonomy to shape the process to best suit your needs.  You can forge your own path to peace.  We can guide you on that path, delivering the results you need in the way you want.

How I Got Here...

Raised near a tiny rural Montana town that you might miss if you blink, my brother and I grew up running in fields, wading in creeks, building forts in trees, and developing a deep appreciation for the peace and tranquility nature can impart.  Receiving my elementary education in a small two-room school house and being the only one in my grade from 3rd through 7th taught me the importance of maintaining positive relationships with those around me.  Watching my parents work hard in all their endeavors – whether in the office, on the ranch, or in the home – led to a strong work ethic and tenacity of spirit.  I came to value compromise and team work, having observed the importance of each person’s contribution toward the achievement of a mutual goal. 

With a love of words and an analytical mind, I chose to attend law school and thrived in composing and delivering persuasive and well-reasoned arguments.  I then joined a national law firm in San Francisco where I worked with and served people from a variety of backgrounds, living various lifestyles, with a wide range of needs and interests.  While I am grateful for everything those big city experiences and relationships taught me, the wide open spaces and blue sky I grew up with eventually beckoned me home.  I have been fortunate to raise my daughter in the state I love and blessed to learn from her every day since.

Over many years in practice, I observed first hand the toll litigation can take on those who find themselves in it – lines etched in anxious faces, bloodshot eyes, and slumped shoulders as if the yoke was nearly too much to bear.  Despite their patience and perseverance, on more than one occasion, I observed the “wrong” result in court and came to realize that after going through the long, arduous, stressful, and expensive litigation process, even the clients who “won” had still lost.  So, I began to focus my efforts on a better way to resolve disputes. 

Learning from one of the state’s best ADR specialists and having now mediated and arbitrated cases for many years, I can attest to witnessing the benefits of greater satisfaction in outcomes, greater economic savings, less time to reach resolution, and less anxiety throughout the process.  Yet even then, I felt that the resolution to a particular dispute could best be achieved if the process was specifically tailored to the individual needs of the parties and attorneys.  Having been taught that if I was going to do something, I had best do it right, I founded Pax Dispute Resolution Services to refine and customize the dispute resolution process.  Today I incorporate skill, experience, creativity, and the use of technology in an effort to resolve disputes in the best possible way for everyone involved.  I am thankful to have been blessed with the opportunity to help people put their conflicts behind them and promise to do my best to help guide you on your path to peace.

Brandy Carestia