Professional Liability/Malpractice

Claims involving alleged negligence or incompetence of a professional are both complex and personal.  Having learned to litigate professional malpractice claims from the lawyer who authored one of the most popular treatises in the field of legal malpractice, Pax’s founder understands the complexities involved for plaintiffs who must prove not only that the professional erred but that had the professional not erred, the plaintiff would not have been damaged.  Proving a case within a case, as is necessary in a legal malpractice claim, is a particularly lengthy and expensive undertaking.  Pax delivers expedient and economical dispute resolution processes to settle all types of professional liability claims, including cases involving not only lawyers but also real estate and insurance agents and brokers, doctors and other medical providers, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, accountants, architects, engineers, and other professionals.

While even the most competent and experienced professionals make mistakes sometimes, when a mistake results in injury or other damages to an individual, the professional’s hard-earned reputation can be permanently damaged by a malpractice claim.  These disputes can often be resolved through mediation, arbitration, or hybrid dispute resolution processes in a confidential and private way, avoiding the loss of reputation and standing in the community that it took the professional years of study and practice to create.  This reputational damage would inevitably result from litigation, whether the plaintiff ultimately succeeds or not.  Pax neutrals are adept at working with parties, attorneys and insurers to resolve these cases in a better way for everyone involved.