Other Disputes

The greatest benefit we bring to those we serve is the honed ability to help people in conflict explore and prioritize their interests and think creatively to fashion solutions to their problems in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  Adept at building rapport with the parties and their attorneys and experienced in a multitude of conflict resolution techniques, we draw upon innovative methods to create a personalized experience that best meets the needs of the individuals involved. 

We are committed to helping people resolve their disputes in the best way for them.  We can tailor the process to include neutral-assisted negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or a combination and offer flexible rate options to best meet the parties’ financial needs, as well.  Pax’s dispute resolution processes can be applied to virtually any type of conflict to bring finality in less time, with less expense, less stress, more flexibility, more privacy, and greater satisfaction in the result.  No matter what dispute you need assistance to resolve, we can guide you on your path to peace, delivering the results you need in the way you want.