Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Convenient, secure, easy-to-use technology – ready whenever you are.

What Benefits Can Online Platform Provide?
Functional and Convenient

Online dispute resolution allows for both remote synchronous and asynchronous communication in many forms.  Everything an individual might need to do to participate in the resolution of a dispute can be done securely and privately online from virtually anywhere at any time.  Documents, videos, and pictures can be submitted privately and securely, 24 hours a day from various devices, whenever and wherever is convenient.  Video conferencing allows everyone to meet in a virtual main room if desired and also have confidential private discussions in virtual breakout rooms.  The mediator can easily move the parties between rooms and bring people together as needed, as well as share a whiteboard or documents as we normally would during in-person conferences.  These efficiencies save time and money.

Efficient and Economical - No Need to Travel

Travel expenses, gasoline, hourly fees, and the opportunity cost of being away from other business endeavors even longer are all spared when travel is eliminated.  Especially in this climate of flight delays or cancellations and inclement driving conditions, attendance by all parties is more assured without travel being involved.

Greater flexibility in scheduling may be allowed, as well.  For instance, an online mediation conference or arbitration hearing could be scheduled on an afternoon when one of the parties has another commitment that morning; whereas, scheduling mediation that day might not be feasible at all if that party needed time in the morning to travel to the mediation.  Online conferences and hearings simply offer greater accessibility by allowing participants to join from any quiet, secure environment with a good internet connection. 

Private and Secure

We understand disputes inherently involve sensitive information and the importance of keeping that information private. In addition to utilizing secure technology to transmit information, all documentation submitted is deleted upon resolution of the case so that there is no digital footprint of case information, documents or messages.

Buffer in Highly Emotional Conflicts

Online dispute resolution can provide an environment more conducive to settlement in certain types of cases. When people embroiled in highly emotional conflicts are in the same building, stress levels tend to rise. Keeping stress levels as low as possible allows all parties to maintain focus on the effort to find a reasonable resolution and parties may well be far more likely to compromise when they are not required to be at the same location. The physical separation from potentially emotionally triggering individuals can improve the emotional climate and keep everyone’s focus on getting the case resolved.

Less stressful environments in general enable participants to think more clearly, be more reasonable, more successfully regulate emotions, and make better decisions. After all, nothing creates a more relaxed, secure, and open emotional state than being in one’s own home or office. Increased comfort leads to greater honesty in the exchange of information and, ultimately, greater willingness to reach a compromise that will ultimately work for everyone.

How Do I Get Started?

Online dispute resolution can be requested through the calendar link, by calling (406) 304-4785, or by emailing Please include the preferred dispute resolution process, names of each party, names of attorneys involved, brief description of the type of case, whether it has been filed in court (including cause number if it has) and in what jurisdiction. You will then receive a confirmation if the neutral has no conflict and the date requested is acceptable to all parties and the neutral.