Insurance Appraisal Umpire

When you need a neutral third party opinion on valuation.

What is an Insurance Appraisal Umpire?

Insurance appraisal is a binding alternative dispute resolution process that is available pursuant to many residential and commercial insurance policies.  Its purpose is to effect settlement enabling payout for property damage or other loss when the property owner and carrier disagree on the amount of the loss.  Each party appoints its own appraiser and these professionals evaluate the claim and try to agree on the dollar amount of the loss.  When the appraisers cannot agree, a competent, disinterested, and impartial individual (umpire) is appointed at the request of the appraisers, agents, adjusters, court, attorneys, or policyholders.  The umpire is charged with determining what the damaged property is worth so that the carrier can reimburse or compensate the policyholder for the loss.

How does the Process Work?

Insurance appraisal umpire services can be requested through the calendar link , by calling (406) 304-4785, or by emailing  Please include the names of each party, names of attorneys involved, brief description of the type of valuation requested, and time frame desired for issuance of a decision.  You will then receive a confirmation if the terms are acceptable to all parties and the umpire has no conflict.

Typically, information will be submitted to the umpire by each party/appraiser/attorney at least one week prior to the scheduled decision deadline.  The umpire will then issue an itemized decision.  If the decision is agreed upon by two of the three professionals, it will be binding with respect to valuation, but silent on the issue of coverage.