In-Person Conferences & Hearings

Sometimes meeting face-to-face is the best way to reach a meeting of the minds.

So much of our communication is non-verbal and recognizing all the nonverbal cues that make up such a large piece of what is actually communicated is simply more effective in person.  Building the rapport and trust that comes from a solid handshake and conveying understanding, empathy, and sincerity by looking someone in the eye is certainly helpful in allowing everyone involved to work toward the resolution of a dispute.  In-person conferences and hearings also allow the neutral to most effectively ensure that the process remains confidential and that all who have an interest in the resolution (and no others who do not) are present.

When parties are required to come together in the same physical place at the same time to address the problem that everyone has, there is a formality to the occasion that reinforces the idea that today is the day to get this done.  Everyone’s focus is on the same problem.  Now is the time to address the issues and put them to bed once and for all. 

At Pax, we are happy to accommodate in-person conferences and hearings throughout Montana, Idaho, and eastern Washington and often do not charge for travel time.  When the parties are represented by attorneys, the mediation or arbitration venue and refreshments are usually arranged by the parties’ counsel.  We frequently hold conferences and hearings at counsels’ offices, for instance.  However, we can arrange for accommodations upon request or when parties are not represented.

We strive to provide a customized process to meet the needs and address the concerns of each of our clients.

A date can be requested through the calendar link , by calling (406) 304-4785, or by emailing  Please include the preferred dispute resolution process, names of each party, names of attorneys involved, brief description of the type of case, whether it has been filed in court (including cause number if it has) and in what jurisdiction.  You will then receive a confirmation if the neutral has no conflict and the date requested is acceptable to all parties and the neutral.