Negotiation during hiring and conflict between employers and employees or between multiple employees in the workplace is quite common.  Employees may feel they have been singled out for offensive treatment, undeserved reprimand, or wrongful termination because of discrimination based upon race, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex, marital or familial status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, military service, or criminal record.  Disputes sometimes arise when employees believe they have been denied fair compensation or forced to work in a way prohibited by applicable wage-and-hour or labor laws or by public or personnel policies.  While many disputes can often be handled through honest discussions or by escalating the problem through the ranks of management or HR, some end up in long, complex, expensive lawsuits that only contribute to continued ill will.

The assistance of a professional skilled in mediating or arbitrating such disputes is the best option to enable a resolution that allows the parties to avoid the time and expense involved in protracted litigation and either move forward with mutually agreeable severance terms or continue amicably in their working relationships.  Pax mediators encourage participants to voice their viewpoints in a non-threatening atmosphere, which can lead to improved understanding, and often, improved relationships.  Keeping such issues out of the courtroom also protects each party’s privacy and reputation, a benefit beyond measure.  Whether employment continues with renewed commitment and open lines of communication or the parties decide to terminate their working relationship, Pax can guide a resolution that enables everyone involved to maintain professionalism and mutual respect moving forward.