Business and Contract

A business’s reputation is key to its success.  Few things can damage reputation more than a dispute with an employee, customer, vendor, or another business.  These disputes are also among the most expensive disagreements to litigate and can become devastating for a company if not handled expediently.  Mediation and arbitration can provide a fast and private resolution to any type of dispute your business may encounter from breach of contract or warranty claims to employment issues, intellectual property claims, regulatory issues, or dealings among partners and commercial shareholders.  Pax attorney neutrals have the knowledge, expertise, and ability to cultivate rapport necessary to assist the parties in amicably resolving their business disputes without the expense, time and reputational damage that is par for the course with litigation.

The confidential, goal-oriented environment Pax Dispute Resolution provides through mediation, arbitration, or hybrid dispute resolution processes promotes communication while avoiding emotionally charged interactions to best assist businesses, partners, shareholders, employers and employees, as well as their attorneys, in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.  We offer the disputing parties the chance to preserve potentially valuable business assets. valuable relationships, and priceless public reputation.